Friday, 29 July 2011


Okay, I'll be the first to admit that I have been really slack... :S  My computer signed me out of my account a while ago and i'd forgotten my password so rather than spend the 20 seconds necessary to answer my security question and change my password, i figured that since no-one read my blog anyway i'd leave it for a while... haha

I got a little bit excited when I signed in just now and saw some new faces! :D *happy dance* welcome all to my ummm how to describe it? Teetering-on-the-brink-of-dynfunctional-and-slightly-crazy-life :P haha I hope you don't get too bored ;)

Well I guess I'd better fill you in a bit on what's been happening in BJ land since my last post...

I finally got a job! In a retail store selling "outback" country clothing! I'm the only guy working there so I keep copping the whole "brokeback mountain" joke from my brother all the time... A couple of months ago I would have gotten really offended but since I started coming out to a few people and gaining more confidence in the process, I've learned to dish his shit right back... I told him he should come into the store some time because his boyfriend might enjoy him in a pair of assless chaps ;) hahahahaha

Hey, I wouldn't mind if my future boyfriend owned chaps... ;) haha (That's mainly for you Ang :P)

Anyways... Uni has just started back after a months holiday... It's good to get back into the swing of things but at the same time I'm dreading having to actually think again... it's been great just reading for a month and not having to function too much... oh plus, I don't want to waste all the money I earn on Coffee... (first week back and i think I've spent nearly $60 just on coffee... I have a problem and need to deal with this slight addiction. :S hahahaha :)

Promise I'll have something a little more exciting to tell you guys next time ;) but in the meantime,




  1. Hi John,

    I've seen your name at Thorny's and at 2 boy's in love. I've read your posts at GR YA M/M. I think it's great that you are coming out little by little and that you get more confidence in the process!

    I's a good thing that you have a job now, since you have to finance an expensive habit, LOL

  2. Hey babe, yes i love the pic and I think it is awesome you have a job now :) And your confidence has grown alot lately and im proud of you xoxoxox

  3. This thing is being a bitch and won't let me comment as me :( So it's BJ here... :S

    Hey Sylvia, thanks :D It's a massive weight slowly being removed from my shoulders :P and yeah I know... Now that I realise how littlemoney I make, I realise I have a SERIOUS problem... hahahaha

    ANG! BABE! :D We have to go out for coffee/ fusions soon! I miss not seeing you all the time! :( I'm working triple time on getting my licence :P I can take you out! ;)

  4. I always remind myself that my coffee addiction is a lot less damaging to my health than if I had a drug habbit.. hehehe works for me!
    Plus there is the added benefit of antioxidents!! (I'm sure it's a load of crap but hey any port in a storm!)