Monday, 18 April 2011

With Girls

Holy Crap. What do I do? I'm at a complete loss...

Here's the thing... I'm caught in the middle of something that i have absolutely no intentions of getting involved in... I'm really confused and really worried that if i do something wrong i'll hurt someone's feelings and lose a friendship... maybe all of my friendships if i told the truth...

So here it is... I have 2 girls after me... Like, claws out, snarling teeth and wild eyes after me. And i don't really know how to tell them that they're both REALLY not my 'type' without at least hurting their feelings... damn.

But that's not the worst part. The worst part is the fact that one of the girls is currently dating one of my really good mates. :( I feel so bad - both for him and myself - because he doesn't realise that she's playing him and because if he finds out (i've been told by several people) that she's willing to dump him for a fling with me... (uuuhhhhhhh... not. going. to. happen.) i'm worried that he'll blame me for trying to steal his girlfriend away...

How the hell am I supposed to clear my name without saying she's REALLY not my 'type-type'...? That although, yeah, she's pretty... i'm gayyyyy.... I can see that going down well with my christain friends.

Uurgh. Just leave me alone. Why can't they go find someone else (straight!) to torture. Their gaydar must be as dysfunctional as mine because i didn't think i was doing that good of a job at hiding my sexuality... This is all so complicated. :S

I guess I'll just have to wait it out and let you know how it goes...finally, learning to deal... with girls *shudder*

Laters, BJ... :)

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  1. Hi John, I've really loved reading your blog...I love your honesty and it must feel good to have an outlet where you can let it all out when you don't feel like you can in real life. I hope the best for seem like a great guy and I love your sense of humor...Hope everything works out.

    Take Care,