Thursday, 14 April 2011

With Procrastination :)

Alright... so I lost my nerve there for a couple of days, haven't posted anything interesting *deleted* and am just generally freaking out haha... which tends to happen when I get stressed...

I've just started the really busy part of my uni semester (the few days before every exam and every assignment piece is due - and I realise i haven't started any of it) *facepalm... haha you think i'd have learned from last year that you can't bludge the entire year and expect to get Distinctions in every subject (unfortunately)...

So here I am... spending all of my time reading the entire PsyCop series by Jordan Castillo Price, creeping people's bookshelves on goodreads and obsessively checking facebook, blogger and my emails. All of this in the hope that i can procrastinate just that little bit longer - forget for just a few more precious seconds that i'm about to get raped by my mid semester exams... Which is more than just a definite possibility... :S

Speaking of procrastinating from subjects :

Oh, the irony! My degree is a Bachelor of Nutrition and Dietetics, right? Get this... Quite possibly one of the most boring and tedious subjects i (or anyone for that matter) could possibly have been exposed to during my course is - get this - NUTRITION! The lecturer is so boring! I may as well not even turn up to classes, because you don't listen - usually I just sketch during it and ignore the lecturer completely (my friends text me requests) Here was my latest "masterpiece" I was given 10 minutes to draw our lecturer being stabbed by a leprechaun... hahahaha (shoddy quality is due to shotty photography - thanks Pat) hahaha (and the shoes are crap... but never mind them - emphasis on sketch)

I felt really guilty while drawing it - mainly because I'm a nice person and after having done defensive Combined Martial Arts (Karate) for 7 years resulting in a total of 5 broken bones, several concussions and a few dislocated fingers, i really don't like violence that much :) haha

However, it was after a while, when i started getting texts for pictures of a our lecturer as a tranny that i started getting worried and all terrible thoughts about this pic left my mind completely and i became more concerned for the people that i hang out with... :P

So although I even love the word "procrastinate," i unfortunately can't practise it right this very moment - BIG exam on saturday, 2 assignments due on monday and another exam on wednesday :O FML. :)

Until Next Time, See ya... BJ

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